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The Psych Way’s mission is about bringing ground breaking scientific research to the non-scientific mind a.k.a the masses. I review psychology papers and present them in a way that is accessible to everyone on the internet. I get the research papers either directly by the authors or via my college library.

The Psych Way came into being when I realized that the research that I loved  and often quoted was seldom seen or heard of by my family and friends. And more so, simply providing people with scientific conclusions didn’t lead to any observable or tangible behavior change. I realized that though we were slowly and surely becoming more aware of the research, we weren’t be able to apply it our lives. That’s when I decided that I wanted to share all the amazing, innovative research in a way that my family and friends can read, appreciate and understand such that it helps them apply it to their lives.  In this one of a kind website, I focus primarily on presenting research papers and not commentaries on them. I make it a point to tell you how the research was done and how the tasks were laid out and measured. I think it’s imperative that people become familiar with the way scientific studies are run, so that they have a better sense of what led to the conclusion and hence have better control of their behavior and actions if they are presented with a similar situation.

I think scientists are our True Heroines and Heroes and this is my way of giving back to the people I admire and the field I love.  I hope you will find something you like and learn something new. I post new articles twice a week and also have a dedicated Facebook Page for the same.

Please help spread the word of the research and share the articles with friends and family who can benefit from the research.  I highly encourage you to reach out to the Scientists whose work has impacted you positively. If you’d like to read the actual scientific paper, you can buy it online or reach out the scientists whose work it is.

I do not own any of the research or claim it to be mine. Just as book reviewers give you a glimpse into what the book has to offer, I do the same with research papers but with spoilers!

Hope you find something you can learn from.

Happy learning!

-Team TPW